Hydro Jetting Cost

How Much Does Hydro Jetting Cost?

When it comes to cleaning plumbing system drains and unclogging drain pipes, many homeowners prefer to take the cheapest route price-wise. This includes using tools like plumbing snakes or augers to remove a blockage.

However, the options mentioned above are not necessarily the best or the most effective. Hydro jetting does a more effective job of clearing out major sewer blockages. It does not fail, provides better pipe maintenance, is environmentally friendly, and delivers greater savings in the long term. Therefore, it is the most recommended drain cleaning method.

Unfortunately, not many homeowners would consider hydro-jetting as the first solution to drain cleaning and unclogging blockages. Many of them think that the hydro jetting cost is way higher compared to the other options. But exactly how much does hydro jetting pipes cost?

Hydro Jetting Plumbing Cost Is Relatively High

When choosing a method of drain cleaning and unclogging main sewer lines, there are a few things many homeowners and plumbers look at. And although the goal is to choose a method that will do an efficient job and offer long-term benefits, the cost is also a major factor.

The hydro jetting cost is higher than other alternatives. But there is a reason for this; it involves the use of special equipment and procedures. These include a camera inspection using a sewer camera, a hose and nozzle, and the setting of the pump at the requisite pound per square inch (psi) pressure.

With all hydro jetting plumbing service requirements, combined with the use of special equipment and hiring of a competent plumber, this drain cleaning method can be quite expensive and for this reason, it’s usually out of reach for most homeowners.

To put this in terms of figures, the upfront cost for using a hydro-jetting service will set you back a few hundred dollars because of all the equipment required for the service. The cost ranges from $250-$600 for the most ordinary drain cleaning jobs.

However, if you neglect your drainage pipes, avoid regular maintenance, and leave a clog to become severe, this cost could rise to the tune of $1000 or even more.

Main Factors Influencing Hydro Jetting Cost

1. Camera Inspection 

A sewer camera inspection is a prerequisite of hydro jetting services and largely affects its cost. This is necessary to examine and consequently establish the condition of the drainage pipes. 

Some service providers have separate charges for the equipment needed for hydro jetting which brings the total cost up. In such situations, sewer camera inspection services will cost you anywhere between $300 and $400 depending on the plumbing service provider you have hired.

However, some service providers include sewer camera inspection services as part of the deal or even free of charge. In this case, the total hydro jetting cost will stay within the acceptable range but will still be higher than other services.

2. The Nature of Drain Blockage 

The hydro jetting sewer lines cost will vary depending on several factors. But the most significant are the type of blockage, its severity, and its location within your home’s piping system.

So, how much do hydro jetting pipes cost? If the clog is near the entrance of the drainpipe, you will incur a lower cost. This is because such clogs are easy to remove compared to blockages further back in the drainage pipe.

Also, the nature of clogs in a drainage pipe will affect the cost, which will be relative to the difficulty level encountered in loosening the clogs and clearing them away. For example, removing routine materials that are less severe — such as food, debris, and hair — using hydro jetting will be less expensive. However, difficult-to-remove blockages, such as those caused by tree roots, will raise the hydro jetting cost.

It is difficult to accurately know the location of blockage or even the type of blockage in your home’s drainage system. This makes it difficult to estimate the hydro jetting cost before the inspection. 

The good news is regularly scheduled maintenance services for your home’s drainage system can protect you from incurring large-scale costs.

3. Neighborhood and Type of Establishment

Where you live will influence the hydro jetting plumbing cost. In lower-cost neighborhoods, for instance, the cost can be as low as $100. In high-cost neighborhoods, these costs can go as high as $1,000. Lower-cost neighborhoods are those areas with a low cost of living — taking into account factors such as housing, transportation, and health — compared to the residents’ level of income. 

In addition, the hydro jetting cost for commercial establishments differs from that of residential premises. In a commercial establishment, hydro jetting costs will be higher because of the complexity of its plumbing system and the sophisticated equipment required.

Generally, a commercial establishment will house a complex plumbing system. Also, it will accumulate varied types of debris because of the high footfall. Therefore, more sophisticated equipment may be needed to unclog sewer lines for such an establishment, which ultimately raises the hydro jetting cost.

Hydro Jetting Is Cheaper Than A Complete Sewer Line Replacement

Hydro jetting costs may be higher than other drain cleaning services such as snaking. But it is just a fraction of what can be incurred if a complete replacement of your home’s sewer line is required. The hydro jetting sewer lines cost is in the tune of hundreds of dollars whereas replacing your home’s sewer line will set you back thousands of dollars.

It is important to note that hydro jetting will reduce the chances of prematurely replacing your sewer line. That is why hydro jetting is now becoming a standard plumbing procedure for professional plumbers as it’s more effective in clearing your home’s drains.

Cost aside, the service is safer to apply in all types of pipes, prevents the back-up of hazardous waste in your home environment, and removes all kinds of debris including tree roots. This helps your home’s drainage system to last much longer. 

For this reason, hydro jetting costs should not be a hindrance when procuring the right and most beneficial type of plumbing service for your home.

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