HVAC Tips and Tricks For Homeowners

It’s important to be familiar with your HVAC system’s ins and outs.

There is a lot to learn and know, including HVAC tips for winter, HVAC tips for summer, and fundamental HVAC safety tips and guidelines.

Maintaining and caring for an HVAC system is not always simple. However, your system will perform wonderfully if you are aware of the primary ways to keep it running smoothly.

Here are some HVAC tips for homeowners who want to ensure their system is operating at peak efficiency.

Filters should be changed

To keep your HVAC equipment in good operating condition, change the filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions. When your filters need to be updated, certain systems will alert you.

Is your attic equipped with a storage unit? That unit’s filter needs to also be changed. 

A filter that is blocked will reduce your machine’s performance and ultimately limit its lifespan. You should replace your filters even if it’s hot outside.

Take Good Care Of Your Lawn

Maintaining a healthy landscape will aid the HVAC system’s operation. Plants, bushes, and other vegetation should be kept at least two feet away from your outdoor system.

Any and all gardening equipment needs to also be kept far away from the HVAC system. Getting rid of anything that could fall near or on the HVAC system is a pivotal tip to keep it functioning correctly.

Keep those vents open

Certain homeowners block vents in rooms they don’t use. They do this in order to save money on their monthly electricity bill. However, this does not result in cost savings. When the vents are closed, the entire HVAC unit is required to work harder to keep the same temperature levels in the house. As a result, it’s best to keep the vents open and sweep away any obstructions.

Taking Care of Your HVAC System

Both the air conditioner and the furnace should be carefully examined and cleaned at least once a year. Fall and spring are the best times to service your system. 

Ice Should Be Avoided

Don’t be alarmed if you notice a little bit of ice forming on your HVAC system throughout the winter. However, a professional should be brought in to assess the situation if there are significant ice formations, blocks, or sheets of ice.

Ensure that the ductwork is in good condition

Ductwork leaks can cause an HVAC unit’s performance to suffer. If you experience musty smells, uneven temperatures, or excessive humidity in your house, it’s time to get your ducts evaluated and cleaned by a professional. Another sign of leaking ductwork is an increase in utility charges. 

Make Use Of Window Covers

Believe it when you hear that window coverings may have a significant influence on the amount of energy used to heat and cool your house.

In the summer, closing windows and using shades throughout the day helps to keep the temperature down. 

Keep an eye on the seals 

If your home’s insulation happens to be too old, it may not be performing properly. Inadequate insulation might allow heat or cold air to escape from the HVAC system. Inspecting the seals around windows and doors is also a good idea.

Think about possibly doing a blower door test to see whether the “building shell” is leaking significantly. 

Use the Services of a Professional

For all of your HVAC needs, use a reliable company. Don’t wait until your system is in need of repair to start looking for a trustworthy service provider. Find a reliable contractor by doing some basic research.

Work on HVAC systems should be done by a professional HVAC contractor. Don’t forget that the contractor should also have a lengthy and reliable history in the business and in your area and should be able to provide emergency services.

Clover Contracting is a professional and reputable firm you can trust for all of your HVAC maintenance tips and advice. For years, we’ve been devoted to servicing our clients, and they’ve all been pleased with the outcomes. If you have any queries or concerns regarding your cooling or heating systems, please contact us. We’re looking forward to being your go-to HVAC provider.


The ideal HVAC system will keep your house comfortable for years to come.

Scheduling regular HVAC maintenance will assist in saving on long-term operating costs. The system will work more efficiently as a consequence of maintenance, resulting in decreased power, heating, and cooling expenditures.

Regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance also eliminates the need for emergency repairs and total replacements. To extend the life of your HVAC system and save money, we urge that you review the HVAC tips for homes outlined above.

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