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Sump Pump Maintenance and Installation in Fairfax

Is your basement equipped with a high-efficiency sump pump? If so, is it up to par? If your basement is flooded every time it rains  – you need professional help from Clover Contracting. 

From sump pump installation to sump pump repair and maintenance, we offer an array of top-tier services to ensure your basement floor stays dry throughout the year

Your Sump Pump Experts – The Professionals You Can TRUST:

We don’t want you to find out if you need a sump pump because that’ll only happen when you have a flooded basement on your hands. And when it does, the water will soak into the floor and walls, eating them up from the inside. Mold will also start growing, and a hefty payment for the repairs will be waiting for you. 

The worst part of having a flooded basement is that your insurance company may NOT even cover it – there’s separate insurance for it. This is the main reason you need us. We offer sump pump replacement if the old one is on its last leg. Or, if repairs are possible, we’ll do them to ensure your home or commercial property stays dry all year long.

Sump Pump Service Can Save You THOUSANDS in Repairs

If you don’t have a sump pump already, you’re a potential victim to inevitable flooding – a disaster that’ll keep you up for nights. That’s because you’ll be pulling thousands of dollars out of your savings to pay for repairs. And this cycle will continue until you invest in a sump pump – it’s a necessity, not a luxury. 

We offer basement sump pump installation and replacement service at incredibly low prices. And even if you have one already, consider getting backup sump pump installation – it’s a lifesaver during floods and heavy rain.

Invest in Sump Pump Cleaning & Maintenance for Peace of Mind

Your sump pump needs love and care – it works tirelessly to keep your home dry and protected from flooding. You need to invest in regular sump pump maintenance and cleaning; we can help you with that.

From periodic maintenance to regular cleaning, we will ensure the pump works like a well-oiled machine. If there’s a problem with the float, we’ll immediately get a sump pump switch replacement to avoid water detection failure.

What Makes Us Sump Pump Experts?

Know Exactly What You Need

We know the structures of homes and commercial places in Virginia and DC, which is why we can tell you precisely the kind of sump pump you need in your basement. After a thorough inspection of the space and finding out the flood history in your area, we’ll suggest the most optimal pump that’ll serve you for decades.

We’re Polite and Professional

Our sump pump installation and repair team consists of professionals who empathize with the customers and guide them about sump pumps and how to avoid problems in the future.  

We Put Ourselves in Clients’ Shoes

We know every sump pump emergency is not the same, and some may require a different thought process for problem-solving. We think as the owners of that pump in that specific situation and develop a solution for long-lasting results. 

What Makes Us Virginia and DC’s First Choice?

Clover Contracting has been the first choice of the businesses of DC and Virginia for 39 years because we stand by these commitments:

Our Commitment to Integrated Sustainability

Everyone here at Clover is big on sustainability – we want to make our world a better place for everyone while also slashing off energy costs for businesses. Being USGB LEED and Green Advantage Certified gives us the understanding and insights to effectively leverage reusable resources and energy-efficient products.

Our Service Team

Every member of our team is a perfect mix of technical and soft skills. They are masters of their craft, but they are also very friendly, humble, and ready to help. From HVAC to Plumbing and Mechanical services – they’ve got licenses and rigorous training to do an excellent job.

Quality and Price Commitment

We do what we love and love what we do, which is why we can offer unparalleled prices. Everyone in our team is deeply passionate about their job, which is reflected in their superior quality of workmanship.

Responsive And Reliable

Help When You Need It Most

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