The Difference Between Air Handlers and Air Condensers

The Difference Between Air Handlers and Air Condensers

The average person collectively breathes an impressive 4,000 gallons of air each year. That amounts to pretty much seven million breaths per person. It’s no mystery why managing the climate in your home is so important. The jargon of handlers and condensers can make it intimidating to choose an option. 

Understanding how to properly maintain a comfortable climate helps you learn about different appliances. There are various benefits for both air condensers and air handlers, with each functioning better in a specific environment. 

In this article, we delve into the specific difference between an air handler and condenser.

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What Are Air Handlers and Condensers?

Air handler and condenser devices are integral to your air conditioning system. The difference between the two is the physical tasks they perform. 

Condensers work in the part of the AC that gets housed outside the home. The handler operates in the part that’s inside the house. It’s closer to the output section, while the condenser deals with managing temperature. 

Air Handler Fast Facts

This unit ‘handles’ the air within the home, operating as the delivery agent for either hot or cold air. Some neat facts about air handlers include:

  • Less energy demand
  • It evens out the spread of heat
  • Reduces overall humidity
  • Functions quietly
  • Helps with air quality

Condenser Fast Facts

The air condenser physically removes the warmth from the air inside the home in order to cool it. To heat the home, it sources outdoor air and channels it into the house. It does this by running through a set of tubes that contain refrigerant. This is the chemical that engages in heat transfer. Some fun facts about condensers include: 

  • The condenser was first invented by Willis Carrier in 1902 to manage humidity in a publishing house in New York. 
  • It was only later that the use of a warming/cooling device became popular. 
  • The first air conditioners were ice blocks that melted, but the humidity made it hard to dry ink–thus the birth of the condenser. 
  • Society has the air condenser to thank for matinees, as the popularity of a dark and cool environment was only allowed through AC.
  • Air handler and condenser technology are gaining traction in terms of international interest.

Showdown: Air Handler vs Condenser vs Air Conditioner

The different parts of climate control devices, like the air handler and condenser, ultimately work together to make a successful appliance. When one part buckles, the other parts of the unit undergo strain. The best way to view competition between handlers, condensers, and air conditioners is like assigning roles in a sports team. Everyone has their place. 

When it comes to the air condenser vs air handler vs air conditioner debate, remember that they are different mechanical parts. 

Let’s start with the basics:

Air Handlers

The purpose of an air handler is to move the air particles around. The unit doesn’t contribute to the heating or cooling process. Instead, it distributes the air in a way that’s similar to a fan. Using directional control, it can impel or propel air, which can facilitate heat change. 

While the handler doesn’t relate to temperature, it relates to quality. Because it’s blowing air, it faces the vast majority of the dust, dander, and debris common to any home. When this part of the unit is clean and has proper filtration, the overall performance of the unit improves. 

Air Condenser

The condenser in your AC unit is an impressive component that comprises a series of coils that live within the outdoor part of the unit. They work as the last stage in conditioning processing. First comes evaporation, where the unit takes indoor air and pushes it over the refrigerant. 

The compressor then takes that gas and turns it into a liquid to proceed through cooling. It creates excess heat. The coils in the condenser dissipate this warmth, allowing for both hot and cold air to flow according to seasonal demand. 

Air Conditioners

Air conditioners serve as the appliance that impacts the temperature of the air. This conditioning process involves the process of a series of tubes and evaporator coils. The unit moves the air across this surface area, changing the temperature through thermodynamics. 

Heat seeks equivalency, so if the air is hot and runs over a refrigerator coil, the heat transfers to the cooler area, making the air that the handler blows cooler. The inverse applies to heating, but the process is effectively the same.  

Condenser vs Air Handler vs Conditioner

The good news about the battle between an air handler and an air condenser is that both come out winners. By working together, these two components allow for internal temperature control, making the home more comfortable. Usually, if there is some issue with the AC unit, it’s tricky to diagnose. It’s often best to reach out to professionals to determine the issue and find a solution. 

Benefits of a Quality AC Condenser and Air Handler 

When the air in your home is set to the optimal climate for comfort, there’s no shortage of reasons for gratitude. The many benefits include: 

  • Lower expenses for energy because the climate has less need to change the temperature and therefore doesn’t cost as much to operate. 
  • Air conditioning is more than controlling the temperature; it lets you manage the humidity in the home, making it easier to breathe comfortably. 
  • AC promotes air cleanliness because the handler works with a filter. Removing the particulate from the air leaves the home cleaner and improves the air you breathe. 
  • Technology makes it easy to control and maintain modern AC systems, making it easier to schedule preventative maintenance and manage the controls in your home. 

There’s no shortage of benefits for air handlers and condensers. It’s something every modern home needs to keep control over the air quality and comfort. Thankfully, it’s easy to get started. 

Reach Out to Our Experts Today

It’s always a good time to make life easier—an AC condenser and air handler can do just that. To learn more about integrating climate control into your home, contact our team at Clover Contracting today. Whether for comfort, health, or convenience, AC is a modern marvel that drastically improves the quality of living. 

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