Essential HVAC Tips For Summer

Welcome to Clover Contracting’ blog! If you’re a home or property owner, you understand the importance of an AC system that works well. 

Often, when we come in for maintenance or repair appointments, we get questions from home and property owners, asking how they can better take care of their systems. That’s why we wanted to create a list of our top HVAC tips for summertime. 

In this article, we’ll discuss why regular AC maintenance is key and how changing your filter, checking for leaks and cracks, turning up the thermostat when away from home, and using ceiling fans and programmable thermostats can help save you energy and money. 

Continue reading below for our eight air conditioning tips for summer that will make your living space comfortable and cost-effective.

Why should you take care of your HVAC system? 

Caring for your HVAC system during the hot summer months is crucial to ensure it continues running efficiently and effectively. Air conditioners’ cooling capacities may become stressed and overworked due to increased usage. Fortunately, by performing routine maintenance checks on your system, potential issues can be detected early and resolved before they arise.

Preventative maintenance is always recommended when it comes to caring for your home or property, and this includes your AC unit. To keep your system running efficiently and lower your energy costs, follow our summer HVAC tips in the upcoming section.

Our top 8 HVAC tips for summer

We’ve compiled a list of our top eight ways you can better care for your HVAC unit: 

1. Replace your filters regularly

One key aspect of keeping your HVAC system in optimal condition during summertime is changing out its air filter regularly. As dirt, dust, and other particles build up over time on it, its effectiveness can decline. This results in reduced airflow, leading to higher energy costs as well as wear-and-tear on your system.

To avoid such issues, air filters should be changed or cleaned every one to three months, depending on usage. Pet owners should increase this frequency to once or more per month as necessary.

2. Examine all seals and ducts

A key tip for keeping your HVAC system operating effectively during summer months is checking for leaks or cracks in seals or ducts that could allow air to leak, decreasing efficiency and increasing energy costs.

Keep an eye out for signs of sealing failure around windows, doors, vents and any other areas where air may escape through cracks or gaps in their seals. Also use a flashlight to inspect all ducts to make sure they’re connected securely. 

Regular inspection can ensure optimal functioning for your system! By inspecting these areas regularly you can keep it running optimally.

3. Turn up your thermostat during working hours/when away from home

For optimal energy usage, we recommend turning up the thermostat by five to eight degrees when you’re away or at work. By following these steps, energy and money savings will result as your HVAC system won’t need to run as often in order to keep temperatures comfortable while you’re not there. 

Be sure that when returning home, the thermostat is back to its previous setting so your HVAC system works more efficiently. 

4. Use ceiling fans and programmable thermostats 

Ceiling fans and programmable thermostats can help reduce energy costs by efficiently distributing air throughout a room quickly while also allowing you to preset temperatures at different times of the day, helping reduce cooling costs without compromising comfort in your home environment. 

By pairing these tools together, cooling costs can be considerably decreased without compromising comfort.

5. Keep your outdoor unit clean and clear  

Here’s one of our easier summer HVAC recommendations. Keeping the outdoor unit of your HVAC system clean and clear from debris or overgrown plants ensures that air flows freely and your system runs optimally. 

Inspect for weeds, grass clippings, leaves, sticks or any other objects which might interfere with the functionality of your system and trim back any nearby vegetation so it doesn’t block the unit’s airflow.

6. Keep vents unobstructed

Both indoor and outdoor vents should remain clear so air can freely circulate throughout your home, so ensure all air vents are accessible and aren’t blocked by furniture or other objects.

Adjust the positioning of furniture accordingly to prevent airflow obstruction. Doing this will help bring fresh air into your home, create a comfortable environment, and allow for better circulation of cool air during the hot summer months.

7. Invest in a humidifier

Investing in a whole-house humidifier can be beneficial for drier summers. Although Virginia is fairly humid during the summer, a humidifier can keep indoor air from becoming too dry. This will provide allergy and asthma sufferers with relief from dry air conditions.

There are several different types of humidifiers, from portable ones to permanent whole-house installations. When choosing one, do your research and ask a professional’s opinion on which system will be best for your home. Also, make sure to regularly clean and maintain the humidifier to ensure it continues running efficiently.  ​

8. Get your system checked regularly by a professional technician 

Finally, the last of our 8 essential HVAC tips for summer: get your system checked annually by a professional technician. 

A professional technician will inspect your HVAC system to ensure each component runs properly. They will also identify any problems and make repairs as necessary. Regular maintenance will keep your system running properly and help you avoid costly problems down the line.

Want more DIY HVAC summer tips? Call Clover Contracting. 

Summers get hot in Virginia, so it’s always good to make sure your air conditioner works as it should. By following these tips, you can keep your air conditioning system running at its best for the warm season! 

For any inquiries or for assistance with your HVAC system or tips to prepare it for summertime use, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately! The team at Clover is always here to help. 

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