9 Reasons Why Your Boiler Keeps Turning Off

Are you constantly playing a game of on-and-off with your boiler? It can be frustrating, we understand. And while it may seem like you’re the only one with this issue, believe us – you’re not alone. We get this question from homeowners all the time.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the 9 most common reasons why your boiler keeps turning off when you need it. Don’t worry; we at Clover Contracting have got your back. Let’s flush those boiler troubles down the drain together!

Why does my boiler keep turning off? 9 Reasons 

We understand this can be an annoying problem, especially if you’re relying on hot water for cooking and cleaning. Here are nine reasons why and what you can do to fix it: 

1. Your boiler system is old 

Like an old car, an older boiler may keep turning off simply because it can’t keep up anymore. Regular maintenance can help prolong its life, but eventually, it might be time for a replacement. 

When homeowners ask us, “Why does my boiler keep turning off?” One of the first questions we ask is how old their system is. Boilers last for about 15 years on average. If your system keeps shutting down and is older than 15 years, it could be caused by age.

If that’s the case for you, replacing your current system may be necessary. When you book an appointment, one of our technicians can evaluate your home and provide a quote and recommendation on a boiler that best meets your needs.

2. Low water pressure

Low water pressure in your boiler could prompt it to shut off as an emergency safety measure, as it requires an optimal level of water pressure for proper functioning and safety. 

Too little pressure puts undue strain on other system components. This could result in a sudden shutdown of your system if too little pressure reaches it.

Homeowners and property owners can address this problem by checking for leaks in their plumbing systems. If they detect a leak, it’s advisable to seek the advice of a qualified technician and repair or replace pipes as soon as possible.

3. Overworking or short-cycling 

If you notice that your boiler keeps starting and stopping, this may be because your system isn’t the right size for your home. A boiler that’s too small will be overloaded and may shut down unexpectedly. 

A system that is too large will produce more heat and steam than is needed and, as a result, it will power down and fire up continuously (“short cycle”). Contact a professional to get your system checked and ensure you have the right size for your home. 

4. Faulty thermostat

If your boiler turns off after a few minutes, it may be the thermostat. An inaccurate thermostat reading may cause your boiler to abruptly switch off unexpectedly, so homeowners and property owners should first inspect their thermostat settings to make sure they are accurate before calling a professional for repair or maintenance services if the issue continues. 

If necessary, a technician can replace the thermostat or repair it if needed. 

5. Pump problems

Your boiler depends on its pump for circulating heated water through its system. If it stops functioning as intended, its operation could cease due to irregular water flow, resulting in a shutdown.

Make sure the settings on your pump are accurate. If this does not solve the issue, contact a professional technician who can investigate further and make any needed repairs or replacements.

6. Air in your heating system 

Air trapped within your heating system can lead to a shutdown, usually because of a malfunctioning air vent or blockage somewhere within its pipes. Inspect your vents carefully to see if any are blocked or not working as they should be.

7. Low gas pressure or supply

Just like your car requires fuel for proper operation, your boiler also needs an uninterrupted gas supply to function effectively. If the gas pressure falls too low or there’s an issue with supply, your boiler could shut down as a result and produce less heat than desired.

When we get calls from clients like “Why does my boiler keep turning on and off,” we recommend that homeowners and property owners inspect their gas tank to ensure it contains adequate amounts of fuel to run the system effectively. If that doesn’t do the trick, the professionals at Clover Contracting are just a phone call away and ready to assist.

8. Faulty fan or ventilation

Your boiler relies on its fan to vent harmful gasses from building up, so if it stops functioning correctly, the gasses can build up in the system and cause your boiler to switch off for safety reasons. 

Without adequate ventilation, the environment can become unsafe so make sure the fan settings are appropriate and suitable for your living environment.

9. Issues with the Printed Circuit Board (PCB):

Your boiler’s PCB serves as its brain, controlling most of its functions. Any issues with it could cause your boiler to behave unexpectedly and shut off suddenly; make sure all settings are correct first before calling in a professional to inspect and make any necessary repairs or replacements.

When in doubt, consult a qualified technician

If none of these seem to be the case, and you still find yourself wondering “Why does my boiler keep turning off” you may need to consult a pro. 

It’s best to seek assistance from an expert technician when your boiler starts acting unexpectedly – they can identify its root cause and provide an appropriate solution. Even seemingly straightforward DIY fixes may need additional expert work in order to keep running safely and efficiently.

If your boiler keeps shutting off, Call Clover Contracting. 

There are a variety of reasons why your boiler may be shutting off. From incorrect thermostat settings to poor insulation and faulty parts, all of these issues can cause the boiler to turn off unexpectedly. It is important to identify the root cause of the issue and handle it accordingly. 

It’s important to note that persistent boiler problems are not just annoying; they can also be a safety risk. So, if your boiler keeps switching off, it’s best to call an expert just in case. At Clover Contracting, we’re ready to help you resolve your boiler woes. 

So, if any of these issues sound familiar, don’t fret! At Clover Contracting, we’re experts at tackling boiler troubles. Whether it’s a minor repair or a major replacement, we’ve got you covered. 

Book an appointment today and let’s get that stubborn boiler back on track!

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