Sump Pump Noises - What Do They Mean

Sump Pump Noises – What Do They Mean

In many homes across the United States, sump pumps are used as a preventative method to keep your basement dry. In cities and suburbs where the risk of flooding is high, sump pumps are an added layer of safety, so that homeowners aren’t left to worry about the foundations of their houses and the important machinery that’s often tucked away there.

However, on occasion, you might be wondering, “why is my sump pump system so loud?”. The pump is supposed to be mostly quiet so are the noises a bad sign? Even when the source of one sound is discovered and solved, another one can start up not long after. So which sounds are actually problems and need to be fixed?

In this article, we cover the most common noises and what they mean. The cause of many of these sounds can easily be fixed by yourself at home, but it’s highly recommended that you call a plumber or a technician to take care of any repairs for you. Our technicians at Clover Contracting are available 24/7, so feel free to call us for maintenance, repairs or installations.

What does banging and clanging from my sump pump mean?

If you’ve had your sump pump for some time now and you’re hearing banging coming from it, there isn’t too much need to worry. While your sump pump is loud, the cause of it is simply just that the pump has too much room to shift around. 

The sump pump noise can easily be fixed by securing the discharge pipe in its place. Ideally, a technician should be doing this, since there is a chance that the banging is coming from much deeper in. 

However, if you’re handy enough, using 12 gauge wire to secure the pipes will work just fine.

If your sump pump is loud and the sound seems to be more of a clanging, the cause is quite similar. 

The clanging is usually caused by heavy vibrations and can affect more than just the discharge pipe. If your piping is loose, though, you can wrap them with insulation or another similar padding to reduce the sounds. If you’re still dealing with a loud sump pump, try adding some rubber grommets under the pump’s lid.

Sump pump humming but not pumping properly — what should you do?

Depending on how loud the humming is, the answer can change. A low humming is typically a good sign. In order to work effectively, your sump pump needs to draw any water out of the pit it’s in, thus creating a low humming sound as it works. However, the time you really need to be careful is when the humming and your sump pump is loud. 

One of the main reasons that your sump pump is making loud humming noises and not pumping properly is that one of the vents might be clogged up. A clog is also the cause of the pump humming but not getting rid of the water in the pit. 

If it is clogged, all that’s needed is a quick clean. But if your vents are clean, check that your check valves aren’t stuck or frozen. Your check valve should be pointed to ‘discharge’. Any frozen discharge pipes can also be carefully warmed to melt the ice inside it. 

Another potential cause of your loud sump pump is that the pump’s impeller needs cleaning. Unfortunately, this shouldn’t be done by yourself. Call Clover Contracting to help out if you suspect that this is the cause.

My sump pump is gurgling

One of the main causes that you’re hearing your sump pump make gurgling sounds is that your check valve may be making the sound. The check valve’s job is to ensure that any water that enters the pipes flows in one direction: out. 

In order to do that, the valve lifts up as water forces its way through, dropping back down when there’s no more water and gravity takes back its hold. While this is a more normal sound, you can also replace it with a spring loaded valve in order to make it quieter.

You might also want to check that your sump pump’s automatic turnoff is set correctly. If it isn’t you can adjust it until you find that the sounds have quietened. 

Are grinding sounds from my sump pump bad?

If your sump pump is making odd grinding noises, call a technician to have it checked out as soon as possible. The main cause that your sump pump is grinding is an issue with the impeller. Your pump’s impeller creates a centrifugal force inside the sump pit, creating a vortex of water that sucks the water down while new water fills the center. 

If there’s a grinding sound coming from your sump pump there’s a chance that your impeller is either grinding against its base or the sides of the pit. Calling a technician from Clover Contracting can help you check if this is, in fact, the main cause of the sound. However, there is also the possibility that your impeller is jammed. 

Regardless of the main cause of the grinding, catching it early can check and make sure that you don’t need to replace it right away. Whatever’s causing it to jam or act strangely can be fixed in time.

The sump pump’s motor is loud

As with most motors, your pump’s motors are bound to be loud. However, if it seems to be much louder than normal, you should check it out or have a professional do it. 

The most likely cause of the loud motor sounds is that the pump is more than likely an older model. Plastic or PVC sump pumps are typically older materials used for them, and are a good sign you need to replace it. With a newer model installed, you should no longer hear the loud motor.

Why is my sump pump so loud? — Takeaway

If you live in an area prone to flooding, a sump pump is a highly beneficial appliance you can have. It easily gets rid of any water that may find its way into your basement and prevents any structural damage from happening. 

That’s why, in the case that you hear abnormal sounds coming from your sump pump, it’s a good idea to call Clover Contracting and get it checked out.

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