What Causes Noise From Pipes When a Toilet Flushes?

Our toilets are one of the most important fixtures we have in our homes and businesses. Whether we’re busy working or relaxing at home, using a toilet is something we do every day. So, if something happens to it or if odd sounds are coming from the fixture, we know right away that something’s wrong with the toilet or its plumbing.

Thankfully, most causes of noisy pipes when the toilet flushes are simple and can easily be fixed with the right access and tools. You can easily get many of these tools to find the issue for a fairly cheap cost and any replacement parts can be just as easy to get. However, it’s recommended that you contact a professional to fix these issues as reliably as possible.

We do our best to make sure you’re satisfied with what we do and make sure you don’t waste money on unreliable work. Just contact our team at Clover Contracting and we’ll be happy to help whenever you need it. 

High Water Pressure in Your Pipes

One of the possible reasons that you’re dealing with noisy pipes after flushing your toilet is that the water pressure in your home is too high. More often than not, turning on some of the other fixtures in your house should make the same noises as your toilet. Most houses typically have a water pressure between 30 and 60 PSI and anything above it can cause damage to your pipes and fixtures.

The best way to check the pressure is to get a water pressure gauge. The device is fairly cheap and can easily be bought if needed. Once you have it, attach the device to a hose bibb – the faucet or connection where you attach your hose – before checking the gauge. Anything higher than 60 is a sign of high water pressure.

From there, the solution is simple. If you have access to the pipes that bring your water into your home, install a water pressure regulator there. Otherwise, you can call Clover Contracting for help installing the regulator. With the part in, you’ll find that your water will flow at a steady lower pressure.

Water Hammer or Knocking Coming from Your Toilet

Water hammer is simply the term used for the sound of knocking, thudding, or hammering coming from your pipes after you flush. Whenever you flush the toilet, a valve is opened to draw in water to replace what was pushed out. These sounds are typically caused when the valve suddenly shuts off, causing the trapped water to hit the pipes’ walls and leading to noisy pipes when flushing your toilet.

This fix is also simple and simply needs a part called a water hammer arrestor. When installed, the arrestor absorbs the sudden shock of the rush of water, effectively reducing the sound. All you need to do to install the part is to turn the water off and drain the toilet’s pipes. 

Once that’s done, attach the arrestor and turn the water back on. If you still hear thudding or hammering, you’ll need to contact our team for help.

Vibrating Sounds When Flushing

Another possible sound that you might hear every time you flush is an odd vibrating or even humming sound. Usually happening about 30 seconds after the flush, the main cause of the noisy pipes when your toilet flushes is a faulty part in your fill valve. 

The fill valve is the part inside your toilet’s tank that’s responsible for bringing water into the tank. When the tank is full, a flexible rubber diaphragm inside the valve cuts off the water flow to prevent overfilling. However, with enough time, the diaphragm loses that flexibility and becomes stiff. From then on, flushing causes the rubber to rattle instead of properly sealing off the fill valve, leading to vibrating and humming.

To make sure that the cause is the fill valve, you’ll need to check it by flushing it. Start by taking the lid off your toilet’s tank before you flush. Once the tank has a little water in it, lift the ball or cup float. If the sound stops, the diaphragm and the fill valve need to be replaced. 

This can easily be done by shutting the water off and emptying the tank. The fill valve will have a screw that can be loosened to take it out of the tank. Then simply disconnect the float and any other parts before taking the valve out and reattaching a new one. Let the tank refill and enjoy a lack of noisy water pipes after flushing your toilet.

You Have Loose Pipes Under Your Toilet

In some cases, the cause of noisy piping after each flush can be as simple as loose pipes. While they are often strapped down and tightly screwed into place, time and weather can cause the straps to loosen. Often, the water that goes down your pipes flows far less smoothly than expected and when combined with the bends in the pipes, a lot of noise can be created.

While the solution to this cause of noisy pipes when a toilet flushes is simple, getting access to the pipes under your toilet will need help from a professional. Even if the toilet you’re looking to fix is on a lower floor, you’ll need to discuss any options as well as the right size for straps with a professional. From there, the solution is simply getting access to the piping and screwing them in.

Noisy Pipes When Your Toilet Flushes — Takeaway

When checking what the cause for the sounds is, make sure you consider all parts of the toilet as well as the plumbing. These sounds can often be delayed and while they appear to come from the pipes, the main cause can be the toilet itself. 

Many of the fixes for noisy pipes are far easier to do than expected. While some may require access to plumbing that you’ll need a plumber’s help for, other solutions are far easier to do by yourself. 

If none of these solutions help, contact our team at Clover Contracting to help and we’ll be there as soon as possible.

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