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AC fan not spinning

Why Your AC Fan is Not Spinning

An air conditioner unit is one of the most important home devices during the scorching summer days. It not only helps to maintain a cool, comfortable indoor environment, but it also removes excess humidity from your house. Too much humidity will lead to stained ceilings and walls, musty odors, moldy bathrooms, and other unpleasant — or potentially hazardous — experiences. This means that a malfunctioning AC unit isn’t the ideal situation to have in your home during the hot season. […]

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AC Freezing Up

What Causes AC to Freeze Up?

The fact that an air conditioner can freeze up in the middle of a scorching summer means that homeowners may want to be proactive. Unfortunately, not many homeowners have an understanding of why this happens and how to prevent it. But before we jump into the reasons and their corresponding solutions, how do you tell your AC is freezing up? Well, seeing a chunk of ice sitting on top of your AC is a sure sign. However, it’s not always

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hvac duct damper adjustment

How to Adjust Dampers for Your Air Conditioning Unit

Heating and air conditioning systems maintain a favorable temperature in all spaces. Most homeowners have experienced temperature inconsistencies at one time or another, and it can be frustrating. The amount of air that each room gets depends on damper settings. Unknown to many, airflow can be controlled manually via an HVAC duct damper adjustment. Want to know how you can eliminate hot or cold spots in your home? Keep reading as we discuss how to adjust the air duct damper

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How to Check AC Refrigerant Levels

You finally get home after a long day. And all you want to do is sit on your couch and watch your favorite show, of course with snacks in hand. You sit back and switch the AC. But you are still feeling hot, even minutes or hours later. Like every other machine, air conditioners experience different problems, with the most common being cooling issues. When not working optimally, ACs may either cool less or not cool after all. Most times,

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8 Reasons Why Your AC Thermostat Is Not Working

HVAC malfunctions can be frustrating. The inconsistent heating and cooling, complete breakdowns, or even dangers exposed to your home due to HVAC issues should not be taken lightly. If you have a furnace or central heat & air system, you know that the thermostat is a component of the system. Though complex, a simple thermostat issue can cause your HVAC system to malfunction or even break down, and this can be frustrating not to forget dangers that could arise due

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